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Due to the increased level of carbon dioxide,CFCs and other pollutants, the earth is facing one of the major problem of century-Global warming. The temperature of Earth atmosphere is gradually increasing day by day. This is all due to the human activities that leads to production of CFCs and carbon dioxide causing the greenhouse effect. This issue is not only about a single country or nation. This is our problem and we must need to solve it.

  • higher temperature and more heat waves
  • changing rain and snow pattern
  • damaged coral
  • warmer ocean and atmosphere
  • change in plant life cycle
  • change in ecosystem leading to extinction of animals and plant
  • loss of biodiversity in fragile environments/tropical forests
  • change in sea level, declines in arctic sea ice etc

\ The list can go on and on. The whole earth is facing this problem and guess what, we are the cause . So we believe if we didn’t initiate today,tomorrow will never exist . thus we,the member of leaf use, going to to organise Global warming awareness program and teach the people how can we minimize the effects. Plantation, use of leaf products, disuse the plastic, are the main criteria to initiate the program. P{lastics emit the greenhouse gases methane and ethylene when they are exposed to sunlight and degrade which are the greenhouse causing gases. So our main intention will be discard of the plastic and use the alternative of plastic. Plantation program along with global warming awareness program will be conducted every year. Community involvement in this kind of programme will be our target. Checking and verifying the status of the programme will be done by head office. The progress report will be submitted and published twice a year. Industrial area, factories,Hotel and lodge and chemical factories will be target area for global warming awareness program. We are not here only to sell the product we are also here to build a better place to live. Come join with us. Lets use leaf .