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Have you ever thought, though the people are getting the best in the class health service but still number of unhealthy people is significantly higher ? Our day to day food items are being packed by plastic. The food we eat,the water we drink and even the shoe we wear are packed in plastic. The thing that is not biodegradable and flourishing the risk of unhealthy society day by day . We promise you to bring the green products that are not only safe for food packing and servicing its also biodegradable and nature friendly . Guess what, its half the price of the plastic and the manufacturing processing is lot easier than so called non reactable plastic . even more we never harm the nature instead we are growing number of trees and only using the leaf . Thats how the nature can be safe and most of all we all can be saved.

For our product we are using the Shorea robusta( sal,sakhua or shala tree ) leaf and also the leaf of Dipterocarceae family tree. We also use banana trees leaf for our some product and serving food in banana tree is healthy also. Banana leaves are packed with plant-based compounds called polyphenols such as epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG, which is also found in green tea.

Polyphenols are natural antioxidants that battle free radicals and prevent diseases. While banana leaves are not easy to digest if eaten directly, the food absorbs the polyphenols from the leaves, so that you get the benefit of the nutrition. We also use banyan trees leaf for making Patravali or pattal ( plates of leaf)

We have variety of product all made from leaf that not only discourage plastic its also healthy and safe for your and your’s family health.

Leaf can oxygenated the earth and can reduce the carbon dioxide proportion. It can easily degraded to earth soil and can make fertile and healthy soil. Thus our product is natural and eco-friendly .