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Do you know ,3.5 to 7 billion trees are cut down per year this is the exact population of the world interestingly only 2 to 3 billion trees are being planted each year but unfortunately half of them are for industrial use.

So we have decided to increase the plantation of trees and bring the world back to life. We do plantation not only for business we do for the world . our products are manufactured with the leaf, bark, roots and some, seeds that’s why we don’t need to cut a tree and the world will be a heaven of life.

Our aim is to do afforestation in the developing as well as in the developed country. Thus whole world will get benefited. Our plantation program begins from asian countries . planting more than 2 billions trees across the world is our main goal.

We believe if we all join hands to protect this earth, we can get rid of this global warming problem. We have certain plan and policies that can help the whole world to be green earth again. We call this as a (2+4+2) rule where,

  • 2= 2 trees must be planted, for 1 child born for his life
  • 4= 4 trees must be planted, when couple marry
  • 2= 2 trees must be planted for 1 person die

In the life cycle of human being, the first phase is the birth, second is day of marriage and last one is death. We believe in these three stages of life if each and every man or woman plant seed of trees and nourishes the plant and grow. He/she is not only adding a tree to earth they are also marking the stages of their life. The tree will remind them the stages they have come from and it will also show the love for the nature. The tree can be there even he or she dies. This eight tree itself will be a biography of that person. The children learn from that, the grandchildren will remember you and your work. You are not only making this earth green you are living after the death also , you are giving something to this earth that will be remembered forever and ever.

Even better you can do plantation in each of your birth date , each tree each plant each herbs each shrubs will be your life. From all of them you can revisit the past you can learn from that and even better you can grow with that. The growth that never ends. You will grow with the nature and you yourself will be a nature.

If our rules and regulations are implemented then the number of trees planted will be around 900 million each year. About 131.4 millions of children are born each year that means 262.8 million of trees will be planted in the world each year. Similarly about 128 million marriage is registered each year means 512 millions of tree will be planted in a year. And 56 million of people die in the world each year meaning 112 million plant will be planted . thus if this rule get applied 887 million trees will be planted each year and they will be protected by the people themselves .One mature tree can produce enough oxygen for up to 18 people per day, depending on the size and type of tree. That means about 16 billion people can get oxygen per day from this 887 million trees. We believe if each and every person in this planet does at least 8 plantation in his/her life. The world will be back to the stage where it should have. This is our universal goal. We encourage the world to follow this rule. If all the countries of the world follow this, the day is not far when every person of this world can breathe a healthy air. If the constitution of every country compulsion to follow this rule then we can achieve our goal soon. This is not only our success. This will be the success of nature and the success of human being. Come join hand with us to save this mother earth . be the part of our member to protect your mother our mother. Many people has join with us since 2008. During this period we have done plantation in many asian countries. Each year we are growing and giving something to this world. Our mission is to grow this rule worldwide. We begin from the asia but we are heading towards europe and america very soon. we are aiming this rule to be followed by every country . From asia to south africa we are extending our branch all over the world. We believe nature is god and we are worshiping the god by doing plantation. And nobody will deny to worship a god. So , we can change the world, we can stop this global warming by worshiping the nature .